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The challenges of specialty towing

You got a new boat. That is great but you are unsure how to get it to storage or where to tow it. When it comes to specialty towing and storage not many companies offer the right solutions. Plus, it can be ridiculously expensive! With Magic Tows you have a better option!

We offer light and medium duty towing 24 hours a day, 7 days week in the Kissimmee, FL, area. All of our drivers are well trained, bonded and insured so that you are guaranteed that they are qualified to protect your safety as well as your vehicle investment. Also, we provide affordable and secure vehicle storage to set your mind at ease. No need to try and do too much on your own with that new boat, we have you covered!

Also, Our trucks can handle virtually any towing job; commercial or residential. We can help you with your personal roadside assistance needs at any time of day to get you safely back on the road. Our drivers are on call 24 hours a day if your business requires parking enforcement for illegal parking or fire zone issues.

Contact Magic Tows at 407-847-5333 when you need the roadside services in Kissimmee done right!

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